Innovation for a Healthier and more Sustainable world

Elian Barcelona was founded in January 2021 with the focus to improve sustainability through the food production system. Elian is now a Viserion company, leveraging a long experience in the agribusiness and solid asset footprint in the US. As a team we will connect the supply chain from farmers to consumers in Europe, supplying more sustainable food and feed.

Viserion International is a global agricultural merchant based in Boulder, Colorado, USA. They own 10 river grain elevators and processing plants of grain and animal nutrition in the US. Viserion has more than 700 employees and about $4 Billion in sales.

strengthening and increasing an integrated supply chain

We will supply soybean meal to the feed sector and oil for food consumption in Spain and Europe. We plan investments that will extend current capabilities into the production of concentrates and textured protein, for food and specialty feed in Europe.


Elian is now a Viserion Company


Sustainability is our foundational core value, and we are proud to drive transformational asset-based investment to become a better and more resilient food system, located in Barcelona.

Andrés Martín

Andrés is the General Manager and founder of Elian Barcelona. He is responsible for expanding the Viserion Group business in Europe and North Africa, into food, feed and aquaculture sectors.

Andres brings over 27 years of experience in international supply chain operations and agribusiness management to Elian Barcelona (Viserion Group). Most recently, he served as Executive Vice President of Benson Hill; prior to that role, he served as President of Bunge North America and as Head of Grains and Oilseeds and General Manager of Bunge Iberica and South Europe.

Andres is originally from Barcelona. He holds an MBA in Finance and International Trade from Fundacao Getulio Vargas, Sao Paulo, Brazil, an MBA and BBA from Escuela Superior de Administracion y Direccion de Empresas (ESADE), Barcelona, Spain, Master’s in food chain management Executive Program (ADECA) from the Instituto San Telmo, Seville, Spain.